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I’ve been feeling the urge to post a new blog for a few weeks now, but it just hasn’t come together. Its not like the inspiration isn’t there, I just seem to be having a hard time putting words to the work God is doing in me. One thing I can say, is that He is teaching me to be patient with myself.

Still, the Lord is prompting me to share something from my heart with you.

Therefore, I present you with a blog (poem maybe?) that I wrote in month 6 of my world race while I was living on the beach in South Africa (yep that was real life). At the time, I was really wrestling with my desire to be known, to be pursued and sought after. It made me angry, I didn’t want to want it so much. It made me feel weak and silly. This is what came out of that wrestle.

That was about two years ago (!!!), and although I’m not sure if I’d use the same language now that I did then, I still really identify with this and it was a good reminder when I stumbled upon it. I pray that it blesses you.

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All you girls

            with flowers in your hair, stars in your eyes, and thirst in your heart.

I see you. I know you.

…I am you.


You, with mascara on your lashes

You, taking selfies on the beach

You, with the ring in your nose

You, taking the long way home.

I know.


All you girls

            with braids in your hair, a world inside your eyes, and hunger in your heart.

He sees you. He knows you.

            He created you.


You, with sandals on your feet

You, burning popcorn in the microwave

You, in the tie-dye shirt and

You, journaling on the porch.

He knows.


The longing to be longed for. The desire to be desired.

There is a wilderness within you that is unable to be tamed

but begs to be explored and known


You may see this as weakness, but no.

You were made to be sought after.

Your wild and hungry heart was crafted to be won

Your want to be wanted is a reflection of Him – your maker,

who more than anything wants us to want Him.


So all you girls

            with the wind in your hair, and the sun in your eyes, and wilderness in your heart.

He sees you. He knows you.

            He loves you.


You, brave and beautiful

You, made for intimacy

You, vulnerable and strong

You, made with purpose

You are seen. You are known.

You are loved.


Stay wild.